Digital smile design ( DSD)

Digital smile design ( DSD) is an exciting new concept in dental technology that we offer our patients at Smile Centre, Cochin. This technical tool is used to design and modify the smile of patients digitally and help them to visualize it before the treatment physically starts.

The whole concept is based on analyzing a patient’s facial and dental proportions using series of digital videos and a set of high-quality digital photographs to acquire the knowledge of the relationship of teeth, gums, lips, smile, facial features in motion, and emotion. Once all this data is gathered, it is transferred into a computer followed by image calibration using a digital ruler and then manipulation of images and redesigning the smile using presentation software.

DSD technique is carried out by digital equipment including a computer with one of the DSD software, a digital SLR camera or a smartphone, digital intra-oral scanner for digital impression, etc. Accurate photographic documentation is essential as complete facial and dental analysis rests on preliminary photographs on which changes and designing are formulated, video documentation is required for dynamic analysis of teeth, gingiva, lips, and face during smiling, laughing, and talking in order to integrate facially guided principles to the smile design.

Smile designing and Correction at Smile Centre India

Smile correction

Smile Designing at Smile Centre India

Smile Center India having an in-house team for smile designing comprising of highly experienced dentists across various branches of dentistry. Whether you have crooked, chipped, cracked, discoloured, misaligned teeth or excessive visibility of the supporting gums, our digital smile design services will let you choose your new smile before any of the work is done. Over the course of several appointments in Cochin, we will make that smile a reality using a broad range of treatments and our years of expertise in cosmetic dentistry.

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