Smile Correction and Smile designing

You may have taught yourself to smile in a ‘guarded’ manner if you don’t like your smile. It is so important in life that you can express yourself without feeling self-conscious as studies have shown that there is a link between an unwillingness to smile and conditions like depression.

Digital smile design is an exciting new concept in dental technology that we offer our patients at Smile Centre, Cochin. Whether you have crooked, chipped, cracked, discoloured, misaligned teeth or excessive visibility of the supporting gums, our digital smile design services will let you choose your new smile before any of the work is done. Over the course of several appointments in Cochin, we will make that smile a reality using a broad range of treatments and our years of expertise in cosmetic dentistry.

Smile designing isn’t a single procedure, it involves multiple corrections which includes teeth, gums, jaws, etc.Based on the defects, smile designing and Smile Correction procedures encompass a wide area of treatment procedures ranging from basic cosmetic dentistry procedures to highly complex surgeries on the facial skeleton to correct jaw deformities. The smile designing procedures can be classified under the following categories:

  • Basic cosmetic dental procedures - scaling & oral prophylaxis, tooth whitening, tooth-colored restorative procedures, dental bonding, veneers, and dental jewelry.
  • Periodontal procedures - management of gingivitis and periodontitis, gingival contouring, gingival de-pigmentation, and surgical management of “gummy smiles” (gummy smile correction).
  • Orthodontic procedures - to correct irregularity and mal-alignment of teeth.
  • Crown and bridge procedures - carried out to replace missing teeth/ strengthen or modify the shape of existing tooth/teeth by providing cap(s) over them.
  • Dental Implant procedures - to replace missing teeth.
  • Dentofacial Esthetic Surgery procedures- to correct the abnormal size/shape/positioning of jaws in order to achieve a good balance in facial proportions.

Smile Designing Cost

The cost of a smile design and correction is determined on an individual case basis, it depends on the condition of the tooth and gums. Different treatments are necessary to correct various factors affecting the smile. The cost may vary according to the severity of the situation. The estimated cost of undergoing smile design treatment usually varies between Rs.50,000- Rs. 70,000 depending on the features you want to work on.

Most insurance providers will not cover Smile Design procedures that address cosmetic concerns, such as veneers. clear aligners etc. Some insurance providers may cover the aspects of Smile Design that improve the function of the teeth, such as dental crowns, implants, and dental bonding. Patients are requested to contact their insurance provider to learn more.

Why Choose Smile Centre for Your Smile correction?

Smile Center India having an in-house team for smile designing comprising of highly experienced dentists across various branches of dentistry. We are equipped with the latest technology and advanced equipment including lasers, digital x rays, orthopantomography OPG, Dental implants, Digital smile designing facility, advanced dental lab with IF trained technicians etc. We follow international standards when it comes to sterilization and disinfection.

Smile Center India offers services to have a beautiful smile and mark a distinction in the quality of your life within a very short period of time. We ensure that the patients are equally satisfied and astonished at the treatment options that are available from our centre. For more personalized information about the cost of your Smile Design makeover and our available payment plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us or make an appointment today.

Smile Correction Procedure

Smile Designing Procedure

Smile Makeover Treatment Timeline

Smile transformations can take anywhere from three weeks to several months depending on each individual situation. The whole DSD process is so well planned to minimise the number of appointments.

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Digital Smile Desiginging

Digital Smile desigining

DSD Facility at Smile Centre India

Digital smile design (DSD) is an exciting new concept in dental technology that we offer our patients at Smile Centre, Cochin. This technical tool is used to design and modify the smile of patients digitally and help them to visualize it before the treatment starts.

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