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The Strategic Implant (Simpladent Implant concept for basal implantology) was founded by the eminent Periodontist – Implantologist, Prof. Stefan Ihde. He has developed this novel system of implantology after extensive research and studies of more than 20 years.

The term “basal implantology” first appeared around 1999; a time of breakthrough in modern dental implantology. Many advancements have taken place in the field of conventional implantology too in the past few decades. However, the difficulties are with the rough surface, root form (often bullet-shaped and even oversized) implants are many. They require prolonged waiting times, and they will also need grafting when there is a bone deficiency. Moreover, they are more prone to the condition called peri-implantitis owing to their potential to allow bacterial growth around their rough surfaces. Moreover, most of them need open surgical placement which turns the implant surgery complex and associated with delayed postoperative recovery periods.

The Strategic Implant concept of Dr. Ihde has a very strong scientific base involving scores of scientific research papers being published to support this novel system. Swiss, German, and Czech engineers and scientists, under the guidance of Prof Ihde, have been manufacturing these implants following very strict guidelines and scientific formulae.

This highly specialized implantology system works extremely well even in “no-bone” patients, the implants can be loaded immediately (teeth fixed within a matter of hours of implantation), and these implants are able to offer solutions for patients who are not fit to receive the conventional two or three-piece dental implants.

The implants which have been devised by Prof Ihde are of varying lengths, diameters, and designs in such a way that they can be perfectly sized to fit the available bone in every patient, thereby helping to avoid undesired bone grafting/augmentation procedures, including “sinus lifts”. Thus the treatment turns much faster, less invasive, and quite affordable.

SmileCentre India is a recognized center of Ihde Dental, Switzerland and Simpladent GmbH for implementing their Strategic Implant techniques. Our experience with thousands of implant operations and case observations clearly shows that Strategic implants are reliable as natural teeth in adult patients. We will analyze your oral situation and create an individual treatment plan.

Note: The term Strategic Implant is a registered trademark for the implants of the Simpladent Group.

Dental Implant Treatment at Smile Centre India

Immediate Dental implants

Treatment at Smile Centre India

The Single-dental-implant also is known as Immediate Load Basal implants or Simpladent Implant, Prosthesis loaded within 72 hours of Implant surgery which helps the implantologist in treating a wide variety of cases that cannot be attempted with the conventional two / three-piece crestal implants.

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Dental Implant Procedure

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental Implant Timeline

The length of the procedure will largely depend on how many implants you receive. Typically, it can take one hour for a single implant, while multiple implant placement takes 2 to 3 hours. Compromised teeth can also be extracted at the same time that the implants are placed for added convenience.

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