International Patient Care at Smile Centre India

We routinely treat international patients from various countries including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Gulf Countries. Please visit our testimonials page for more info.

We communicate with patients via email until we have a good understanding of their problem(s). Finally, if required, Dr Prasanth Pillai, Director of Smile Centre India, interacts with them over Skype (our Skype Id is SmileCentreIndia) or WhatsApp (+91 94466 10205).

We generally request our international patients who require complex dental treatment, such as full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants, to be available for 3 to 4 weeks in Kochi. We strongly advise the following to minimise confusion and difficulties during treatment procedures:

  1. Patients should email us the following:
    1. Dental problems they presently are suffering from.
    2. A short description of their general dental condition and their dental treatment history.
    3. Latest Digital OPG (Ortho Pantomo Gram) Xray / Panorex Xray.
    4. Photographs (in JPEG format) of the problem areas of their mouth. Patients who wish to have smile correction procedures are requested to send us front and side views of their face with lips in rest position and smiling.
    5. Short description of their general medical status, ailments they presently have, and a short note on the treatment they are undergoing. A list of medications they are on presently is mandatory.
    6. Scanned copies of passports and Indian Visa.
    7. If applicable, include a history of Covid illness, as well as any associated vaccinations, has received.
  2. Patients are requested to procure a medical clearance letter from their family doctor/physician confirming their fitness to undergo minor surgical procedures under local anaesthetic with adrenaline.

We also offer assistance to patients who wish to undergo treatment for various complex medical problems they may have by connecting them to the appropriate medical/surgical specialists. We also offer referrals to experts in Ayurveda and Yoga in Kochi. Those who wish to undergo Ayurvedic treatment procedures such as the authentic and traditional Ayurvedic massages (extremely popular among our international patients) are also assisted.

Accommodation & Sight Seeing

Kerala is unique in the world tourism map for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. We make arrangements for accommodation in excellent guest houses, service apartments and home-stays close to our centre. They offer air-conditioned and non-airconditioned rooms, food of your choice apart from providing a healthy, clean, and pleasant environment.

Since our centre is located in the heart of Kochi city, it is easily accessible from all parts of the city.Kochi is rich with historical stories as the places like Kochi Fort, Jew Synagogue, Hill Palace Museum, Pallipuram Fort and other palaces with a royal touch. Moreover, Kochi, being in the centre part of Kerala State, traveling to exotic locales in Kerala is very convenient. Read more..

All patients who wish to undertake sightseeing during their stay, or take short trips to experience the countryside, beaches, and mountains, during the weekends, will be provided with all necessary information as well as travel and accommodation arrangements through highly experienced travel agents. We request you to visit our subsidiary Dental Vacations India, for more information.

If our international patients so desire, they can also witness Kerala's traditional art forms, including Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, other classical music and dance performances. The traditional temple festivals of Kerala are also highly appreciated by our international clientele. Some of our international patients have expressed an interest in learning Indian cooking, and we can make that happen as well.


We also provision to offer transport in comfortable air-conditioned vehicles, including the Airport pickup and drop-back. The payments need to be made to the vehicle driver based on the distance travelled.

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Climate Kochi

Average Weather in Cochin

Kochi is 7m above sea level and has a humid tropical climate with no harsh extremities. Torrential rains are common in the monsoon season (May-Oct). Dec-Mar is generally dry. Surface temperatures range between 20–35 °C (68–95 °F). The current record high temperature is 38 °C, the lowest is 19 °C. The driest month is January. There is 22 mm | 0.9 inch of precipitation in January. Most precipitation falls in June, with an average of 568 mm | 22.4 inches.

Flights to Kochi

Reach Kochi

International Flights to Cochin

Cochin International Airport [COK], situated about 25 km north of Kochi city at Nedumbassery, handles both domestic and international flights. One can fly to Singapore, Middle East and Malaysia and to most major Indian cities.

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Places to Visit in Cochin

Places to Visit

Dental Vacation at Kerala

Kochi occupies a very strategic location and has been a significant trading zone and attractive tourist destination since time immemorial. It has been a port since 1341 when a flood carved out its harbour and opened it to Arab, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, and British merchants. Sites reflecting those influences include Fort Kochi, a settlement with tiled colonial bungalows and diverse houses of worship. Cantilevered Chinese fishing nets, typical of Kochi, have been in use for centuries. For those who wish to explore the real treasures of Kerala, here we go with the list of places to visit in Cochin.

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