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How long do you wear a TMJ splint?

TMJ patients should expect to wear a splint for at least 3 months till the dentist finds their ideal bite. This is the first stage of TMJ treatment. During the second stage of treatment, the dentist will make your ideal bite permanent. Depending on the situation, the second phase of treatment may include another removable orthotic, orthodontics, or an arch or full mouth reconstruction (in severe cases).

When you get your oral splint and begin wearing it as recommended, you’re going to immediately notice that your symptoms begin to diminish, but they won’t vanish all at once. Within six weeks, improvement will spread to symptoms such as facial pain, headaches, neck aches, and other symptoms in the face, head, and neck. By three months, you should reach optimal improvement in this region. By six months, optimal improvement will be experienced in even far-reaching areas. These are just general estimates, and our patients tend to have a wide variety of responses. Some recover more quickly, while others take longer.