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One of the most significant complications of an untreated, severe overbite is temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. if you have chronic aching or pain in the ears, face, neck, or jaw and Your jaw may also grind, pop, or even lock when you chew and/or You may feel as if your lower and upper teeth do not fit together as they used to and you may experience swelling at the sides of your face, it may be TMJ disorder.

The TMJ is a joint just in front of the ears that attaches the jaw to the skull and allows it to move. This joint is used to speak, yawn, eat, and drink. Teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and tongue thrusting — all linked with an overbite — can all contribute to a TMJ disorder.

Splint Therapy Procedure for TMJ Disorder

Splint therapy is the recommended procedure for TMJ disorder. A splint is an oral device that’s worn all the time and it fits over your teeth to keep them from touching. This acrylic resin device can be fit over the top or bottom teeth to keep your teeth in the most correct position possible. Wearing this device relieves pressure on your muscles and jaw joints. By wearing a dental night guard, you should be able to reduce the damaging effects that occur when you grind or clench your teeth. In split therapy, your treatment cost will be much lower than if you need a full mouth reconstruction or jaw surgery to correct your disorder. The next stage of treatment is orthodontic care. Braces are typically used after a TMJ splint to realign your jaw and teeth.

On a rare occasion, it’s possible that surgery will be required to correct the disorder. The type of surgery you’re provided with depends on what’s causing your case of TMJ.

Cost of TMJ Treatment by Splint Therapy

When it comes to the cost of TMJ treatment, fees can vary widely depending on the severity and cause of your symptoms. Oral splints are available within a price range of Rs 500 to Rs 3500.

If you’ve been diagnosed with TMJ disorder and are seeking treatment for it, contact Smile Centre India today to schedule a complimentary dental consultation.

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