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How long do dental crowns last?

Crowns arenít permanent. However, with proper oral hygiene, they can last a long time. A regular oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing will elongate its life, which is usually 15 Ė 30 years. If you stay on top of your dental hygiene, they can actually last a lifetime. Modern crown materials are designed to strike a balance between durability and appearance.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you have been received a dental crown. Avoid grinding or clenching your teeth, as any type of trauma can lead to your crown chipping or cracking. A custom-made guard is an excellent way to protect your crown and the integrity of your other teeth. You should also avoid crunching down on the ice and hard food items. Also, donít bite fingernails or hard objects, like pen or paper clip.

Neglecting your oral care routine can easily cause you to lose a crown prematurely. All of your teeth need proper care, and decay can develop in the natural tooth structure below the crown. A regular at-home oral hygiene routine of brushing at least twice a day and daily flossing helps to keep your oral health is at its best.