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How often should my child visit the dentist?

Everyone has different oral health needs and risk levels that determine how often they should have a check-up. There are no rock-solid benchmarks for recommended dentist visit frequencies, but as an adult, your child may be seen every 6 months. Depending upon the specific needs of your child, we may recommend more frequent visits. Also, if you notice anything that looks abnormal in your child's mouth (white spots, lesions, bleeding, etc.), make an appointment right away.

Routine checkups enable us to detect early signs of tooth decay and provide treatment before it becomes a bigger problem. Our paediatric dentist will be able to check for tooth decay, injuries, alignment, and other issues during your visit and will be able to track changes in your baby's mouth as they age.

Taking your child to the dentist twice a year from an early age can reduce anxiety and fear too. It is a good way to build your child's comfort and confidence levels leading to stress-free visits in the future.