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How long does Clear aligner treatment take to recover?

Treatment time can vary considerably depending on an individual's health and physiology. Much of orthodontic tooth movement relies on metabolism and bone remodelling. Poor compliance, excessive bone growth, poor oral hygiene can make treatment time longer, further, the rate of tooth movement is not always linear and also depends on the type of movement being performed. For these reasons, treatment times are estimates based on the Smile Centre's clinical examination findings and experience.

One good rule of thumb to follow is that the average treatment time is about 12 months. But, here is one of the great things about clear aligner treatment – you will begin noticing the difference within just a few weeks of treatment. Sure, the results may seem minimal to begin with, but you will definitely detect noticeable changes within 4 to 6 weeks of starting your treatment. Just remember, though, that each and every patient is different but there are a few things you can do to help shorten that period.

Always follow the instructions given by the Smile Centre, If you’re told to wear the aligners for a minimum of 22 hours each day, make sure you do it. Your teeth and jaws may feel a little bit tender at first, but that’s all part of the process of realigning your smile. Secondly, take proper care of your aligners. If an aligner gets cracked, do tell your orthodontist so that they can prepare a replacement tray for you. Thirdly, brush out any food particles and plaque that could hang onto the aligners. You should give your aligners a deep clean at least once or twice a week to keep your trays working properly and your teeth in good health. Remember to change the aligners on the right date and take them with you if you are planning on travelling. Finally, Be sure to follow all the instructions given by the Smile Centre and strictly follow the routine follow up visits, and you will be smiling a straight and beautiful smile in no time at all.