Dental Implant

What are the post-treatment guidelines after the clear aligner?

Once treatment is completed then your teeth could feel slightly sensitive and you may need an adjustment period, new bone begins to grow around the tooth which helps to stabilize it and to ensure it is held in place. It takes quite some time for your body to remodel bone in this way and the entire process can take between nine and 12 months. During this time avoid very hard or very crunchy foods or foods that take a significant amount of chewing and also compulsory wear retainers. The exact time required to wear a retainer each day and period will depend on several different factors that include the complexity of your orthodontic treatment and your age.

Gum disease or missing teeth are two of the biggest reasons why people lose their preferred teeth alignment. Make sure to do your best to keep your teeth and gums in a healthy condition by following a proper oral hygiene routine including daily brushing and flossing. Your regular dental check-ups and cleanings are another vital part of your preventative dental care plan. You should always visit Smile Centre India as frequently as they recommend, even if your teeth seem problem-free.

After your dedication to successfully completing treatment, you will want to ensure that the results of treatment last for life. To do this, you must follow the instructions from Smile Centre on caring for your new smile.