Dental Implant

Does dental bonding require multiple visits to the dentist?

Bonding teeth is a fairly quick process, generally, you will only need to visit the dentist once to get dental bonding. We will mould the composite resin during the treatment, so there won’t be a need for follow-up visits. One tooth is usually finished within a single 40- to 60-minute visit to the dentist. If, however, multiple teeth need to be bonded, the process may take more than one visit.

The first step is to determine the shade of bonding that blends best with your natural tooth colour. After the correct colour is selected, the dentist will need to modify the surface of the affected tooth or teeth. Then a conditioning liquid will be applied. Both of these actions ensure optimal adhesion of the bonding material to your teeth. Once the bonding material is applied and shaped to the teeth properly, a strong visible light is used to harden the resin into place. If the hardened bonding does not need any further trimming or shaping, the dentist will finish up by smoothing out the surface to add to the natural look.