Dental Implant

Is Dental Bonding safe?

Dental bonding is safe and doesn't have any major risks associated with the procedure and in no way ruins teeth. But any dental procedure involves risks and the possibility of complications. Risks and potential complications of dental bonding include Anaesthetic complications, such as allergic reaction and nerve or blood vessel injury, loosening or loss of bonding material, Tooth damage due to mechanical forces, Tooth infection, Tooth staining etc.

You can reduce the risk of certain complications by maintaining proper dental hygiene like brushing twice a day and flossing once a day and following dietary and lifestyle restrictions recommended by the dentist. Visit Smile Centre India for regular cleanings and checkups every year or as recommended to ensure that your dental bond is intact and working well.

Keep in mind that the bonding material is not as strong as your natural teeth, so there is a possibility of chips and cracks when you eat hard foods.