Dental Implant

Who is not eligible for the dental bonding?

Tooth bonding is best for teeth that suffered minor injuries and arenít severely decayed. If you lost a tooth (or most of a tooth) or the tooth is severely damaged or decayed, you may favour a dental implant over bonding.

If a crack or cavity on your tooth is too large, dental bonding may not be the best procedure. Often cracks that are significant in size affect posterior teeth because more forces required in posterior teeth for their main function as chewing teeth. In such cases, a crown that covering the whole tooth may be a better option to withstand forces and stress on the affected tooth.

Bonding may also not be suitable for certain root canal cases that have significantly weakened structures. In such cases, crowns are the preferred method of restoration.

Additionally, tooth bonding is not suitable for people who are not happy with the colour of their teeth, so regularly doing tooth whitening.