Winnie Luthje

A year ago I finally decided to do something about my health .I had raised 5 children and now had a chance to do something for me . My digestion had not been good for some years as I couldn't chew my food proberly due to missing teeth, old repairs that were very old. I had regular pain and when visiting my dentist in NZ it seems to be never ending.

My dental plate was not fitting anymore due to detoriation of sourounding teeth.Comes a time when there i's not enough left to repair . Worst of all I had stopped smiling.

Visiting a dentist no matter where you live in the world is never easi ,so of course I had my worry all the way to India .

It took a month to get a totally new set of teeth that truely looks like mine . No more Pain and discomfort.The teeth are stuck and beatifull AND I can now SMILE, Eat food I like without suffering for days .My digestion has now improved tremendously.

Dr Prasanth and his team truely created a miracle and his expertise is at top level .

I can truely say he is a Professional perfectionist and if you could see my teeth you would agree.

He was especially sensitive to my high level of pain and took time in between treatments so I could rest up.

The cost was 1/4 of what Would have paid in my country flight and accomodation included and I had time to explore beatiful Kerela.

I am forever greatfull and can without hesitation highly recommend Dr Prasanth Pillai and his team to anyone that should wish to improve their health and a youthful appearance is surely a bonus

Winnie Luthje

Love Lien

Excellent dental expertise and care! I traveled to India while living broad in Japan to get implants after in-depth research of treatment options internationally. With a tight budget and much concern for my first "invasive" dental treatment, I chose Dr. Prasanth. We had a couple skype meetings prior to my decision. His humble confidence and extensive successful background sealed the deal. Going to India or anywhere so far away to get medical care is a big decision, and I am glad I made the choice I made. If it was possible, I'd make Dr. Prasanth and team my primary dental care. He is very patient and informative, answering all my questions. It was important that I never felt pressured or persuaded to do anything I felt unsure of. I regret not making this review sooner. Life's misfortunes got in the way, and I'd forgotten.

Love Lien

Phil Daniels

I recently returned from my visit to Smile center Kochin.

I am a 56 year old western male ,i have generally looked after my teeth but they are not even ,not a nice color sensitive and weak enamel ,i am also not that keen on visiting the dentist. I have lived in Bahrain for the last 25 years and before that the UK ,the dentist here are very well equipt with the latest gear and great service but out of my budget as is the UK .

The final straw came whilst brushing my teeth a small wisper of enamel came off a front tooth plus i knew i had at least 1 root canal and crown to do .I looked at google and found India is about 4 or 5 in the world for affordable dentistry ,i checked Kochin as its only 4 hours direct fairly cheap flight ,and the Indians i work with are mainly from there and are really very friendly.

Straight away Dr Pillai came up and we exchanged skype interview and sent my full mouth x-ray ,with this information he quickly advised a full moth reconstruction using Zirconia crowns, the price over the e-mail looked very reasonable.

As i had a trip to China i made a short transit to Kochin and had an interview with Dr Pillai, he truly is a very pleasant and reassuring Dr, he clear is an expert and gave great advice, as a foot note having been used to the gulf /UK dental rooms the smile center is not as they are, i did mention this and was told that its the skill, planning, experience and materials used that determine the outcome, this reassured me to book my treatment about 3 weeks later on my return from China whilst also missing the monsoon season in India .

The procedure was carried out during the first week ie removing the existing enamel 2 root canals and full 3 D scans to see what else was going on during this week i went to the clinic mostly am and pm and temp crowns were provided for the sensitive teeth. After approx 9 days impressions were made for the actual crowns which were coming from DentCare, one of the largest and most impressive labs in Asia.

During this period i looked at my teeth exposed down to the dentin and had a bit of a wobble, What have i done !!!!!! The next day i spoke to Dr Pillai and he reassured me a lot of clients experience this and not to worry, i had in fact done the correct thing as at my age to keep doing work sporadically is not the best approach and i have preempted the whole procedure and will have nice teeth via crowns with hardly any future maintenance required. Towards the end the visit to the lab was great real experts again especially the young dentist and the snr tech Bijo a real character and very very good. Finally Dr pillai fixed the new crowns and they went in great .One evening the Dr and his wife also took me and another patient to see his new practice currently under construction ,when finished it will be fantastic .

I am now back absolutely no issues relative and colleagues tell me the crowns look so natural and the price a real saving .

Finally its is a big decision to travel to an unknown country to have such procedures done but quiet honestly i wish i did it 10 years ago with Dr Pillai its great (i just need to learn to smile more now as i used to hide my teeth .)

A footnote i stayed at the Olive downtown hotel as you can walk (literally 5 mins ) to the clinic its a nice hotel great friendly service, wi fi, pool breakfast, you can get a better rate if you staying as i did 17 nights .

Again thanks Dr Pillai his family and all his team Highly recommended.

Phil Daniels

Julie Hogan

I came to see Dr Pillai on recommendation from my brother-in-law. He had dental work performed by Dr Pillai and was extremely happy with his dental work My treatment was different to my brother-in-law, as I had all my teeth removed from my upper and lower jaw. These were replaced with dental implants and then dentures were put in place. I can only say that my treatment by Dr Pillai and all the staff was very positive and friendly. I would recommend Dr Pillai if you are considering having dental work of any kind done.

I will be coming back in 12 months to have a check up and replacement dentures as is the normal procedure.

Julie Hogan

S. Blume
Capetown , South Africa

In 2014 my wife found The Smile Center via internet. We contacted Dr. Pillay and arranged a Skype session . We had a list of questions and went through this list during the first Skype meeting !

S. Blume

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