Ken Hogan

Unfortunately I had to have molars on either side extracted as there was just not enough tooth left to repair any more. In addition I had lost a molar and premolar many years earlier. I found that I was no longer able to chew properly and this was impacting significantly on my quality of life. I finally accepted that I had to get implants to replace at least the two recently lost molars. This was going to cost up to Au$14,000 in Australia. I wondered about going overseas for the work and spent a long time researching on Google.

I settled on Dr. Pillai as he was a qualified Maxillofacial surgeon in India (which is a more advanced qualification than general dentistry) and he had glowing testimonials from patients he had treated. I also liked the theory behind basal versus crestal implants.

I traveled to the historical city of Kochi and had implants for all four of my missing teeth. Some existing crowns were failing, I had some problems with my other teeth and some problems with my bite so I decided to have these sorted out by Dr. Pillai while I was there. These other problems were corrected using computer designed zirconium crowns fitted to every existing tooth. I was given temporary crowns over the implants and because they are basal implants I have been able to eat normally with them from the outset.

After at least 12 months I will need to return to have the four permanent crowns fitted onto the implants. The total cost of all this work will be less than what it would have cost for two implants in Australia. I am extremely happy with the results. I can chew normally, my bite is corrected and I am a lot more comfortable with my smile. Dr. Pillai is a really decent bloke and it is obvious that he is passionate about his work. I felt completely comfortable and confident under his care.

Legal Disclaimer: As a medical practitioner not from India, I need to make it clear that this review is about my personal experience and is written in my capacity as a private citizen. For legal and ethical reasons my review should not be considered a recommendation or referral in my capacity as a medical practitioner. If seeking dental treatment overseas you need to do your own research, make your own reasoned decisions and take onto yourself the responsibility for the outcome.

Ken Hogan

Wayne Garrard

Having travelled twice to The Smile Centre India for dental implants I can highly recommend Dr Pillai and his team. My 1st visit restored my bite with implants after many previous extractions, the second visit I had old crowns that were becoming problematic replaced with implants. The outcome is excellent and the cost is affordable. I would not be able to afford this type of work in Australia where I live even if it was available.

Update Dec 2016, I have returned to the Smile centre for the 3rd time, This visit was to have the implant crowns replaced with Zirconia Crowns, the best available. This went very well and the outcome is better than I could have hoped for. Due to the teams attention to detail the fit and finish is extremely good and the look is totally natural. I now have a perfect natural smile that should outlast me.

Update Jan 2020, I have again returned to The Smile Centre for a 3 year check up and was pleased to be one of the 1st patients at the brand new purpose built surgery, not far from the old. I am sure all future visitors will be grateful for the creature comforts and state of the art facilities. Those having implants who will be spending longer periods at the surgery will appreciate the new lounge . I am so glad I went back for the check up as although all my implants remained in excellent condition, one of my few remaining teeth was badly decayed and had to be removed. Another 2 implants in-place and a perfect row of Zirconia crowns capping them off.

I have been in contact with Dr Prasanth many times over the years and am always pleased to get a quick response with his expert answers and opinions, something which I am very grateful for especially knowing how busy he is. As I have said to many friends and family, I would not consider anywhere else for implants or crowns so have no hesitation recommending The Smile Centre to all.

Wayne Garrard

Imanuel Bulludula

This is my first time being an NRI traveling to India to get my implant done and it was a phenomenal experience. I am originally from Hyderabad India. I settled in America and I went to seek various doctors in Hyderabad and near by as well. I was not feeling comfortable I found and read the review about Dr. Prasanth and I liked it and called him and he spoke to me about my medical condition and he asked me to discuss further via Skype to fix the appointment.

He explained to me what the procedure and process would be like and he explained to me clearly about the amount and fees. I decided within a couple of months to go to Kerala to get this surgery done at his clinic in the city of Cochin Kerala.

I was very nervous at first withundergoing the process until I met with Dr. Prashant. He promised me nothing but comfort and not to worry. He said I will not get much pain and just little bit of discomfort. He was very kind to me and very caring and down to earth.

While I was undergoing surgery for the implant Dr. Prashant was very gentle and performed the task at ease. I did not feel any pain or discomfort throughout the entire procedure.

He is very professional and does everything with patience. Like he mentioned, no pain that is true. I did not get one or two implants but (13) implants the first day, 6 the 2nd day. So, 7 (13) implants in total. I can't believe it is Gods grace and his hands are blessed by the almighty. He treated me like a first class patient without any problems at all. I believe he is the ultimate surgeon and has great potential and ability.

Dr. Prashanth’s staff also very helpful and caring If I were to recommend anybody to get any type of dental surgery done, it would be Dr. Prashant. Great job and I want to extend my gratitude towards Dr.Prashanth forever.

Thank you,

Imanuel Bulludula

Ay Peng Tan
Julian, Perth Australia

Very impressed by the professional team headed by Dr. Prasanth Pillai and Dr. Sreeja Prasanth. I had my total implants done in Kochin Kerala under the special attention of his Centre, very detailed job, and I am looking forward for a second visit in due course. Well done Smile Centre, I wish to recommend Dr. Pillai to any patient seeking first class dental work in India.

Ay Peng Tan

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